Christmas Is Flats crop SwittersB
Examples of Christmas Island Flats in the Lagoon area.

Flats and Deep SB C.I.

flat clouds SB
On the flat. This perfectly clear water may be 6″ deep or mid thigh deep, influenced by tides. It seems one could see anything on this flat that can extend out hundreds of yards. I often had no difficulty seeing Black Tip Reef Sharks cruising toward me. But seeing the Bonefish, for me, was a difficult exercise. Seeing movement, the movement of a shadow not the actual fish was hard to grasp at first.

Here are a couple articles that helpfully explain the preparation and realities of chasing the ‘grey ghost’…the Bonefish. 

Photo: Pine Island Angler Note the shadow beneath the fish. This is what you often notice on the flat. The shadow moving across the bottom, singularly or with luck a pod. Looking for one or two shadows moving is harder. The wind often kicks up to disturb the surface and further complicate the sighting. Of course, accomplished guides make all the difference. Sunglasses! Do not scrimp. Research and buy the best!!!

The flat and the adjoining depths are a surreal sensory experience. It is hard to explain the colors, the angles, the sky, the wind, the power of the fish. Unique experience in my fly fishing travels.

Boat Flat C.I. SwittersB Photography
This is your taxi. The boat is guided up onto the edge of the flat and you climb out onto the platform and down stairs onto the flat.