I tied up just a few of these Rainbow Emergers some years ago. Tucked them away in a fly box and forgot about them. I originally tied a Central Oregon pattern called a Roxy Rainbow (partridge wrapped wing and tail, rainbow Krystal Flash strands wrapped for abdomen, peacock thorax, ribbing optional). I was first intro’d to the Roxy on East Lake (Oregon).

Roxy Rainbow SBx

Here, with the emerger, I used a Guinea feather for the tail and then wrapped in a (sloppy) abdomen of Rainbow Krystal Flash then made a couple wraps of grizzly hackle and overlaid the body and hackle with the remaining Guinea and tied it off. The intent was to fish this pattern in the upper strata of a lake as an emerger patterm. I believe it still has some merit and the abdomen could sport various colors of Krystal Flash/Tinsel.

rainbow emerger SB
Rainbow Emerger