There is something that draws my attention in nature and that is signs of disruption, chaos, change, growth amidst decline. Similar to the rustic decay in an urban setting, but the outdoor scenario is set in the most comfortable appealing setting for me. I am, dare I say, at one with these settings. At peace, centered and observant. For some it is a jumbled shoreline with snags, rattlesnakes gnarly trees and some water. For me it is a dozens (or more) little habitats/homes/hideouts; unique rock formations, twisted trees and an inhospitable texture that challenges my presence. All manner of critters inspect my presence. Most I don’t even see. I like that. Of course, if I happen to be wetting a line while taking all this in…well then that is the whole enchilada.

shoreline-oak trees-lake-photography-nature-SwittersB