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American Drifter

Ponyo already making herself at home! Ponyo already making herself at home!

Why do bloggers apologize for “not posting for so long”? You don’t give a shit. You didn’t even know I was gone. The truth is, life happens and hey, I’m not getting paid to blog so I have to work for a living. I’ve been costuming all summer on HBO Girls and flying back and forth from Brooklyn to San Antonio putting my hard-earned money towards my Airstream mobile shop. Yes! The dream is still on the horizon! And it’s taking so long because, well, I am renovating it myself, and no corners will be cut on this bad Mamma-Jamma!
Also, I had no clue what I was doing! So, research, research, research! I’ve been reading  books, listening to pod casts, have been very active in the Airstream Forums community and have even been cold-calling nationwide vintage trailer restoration shop owners.
Oh yes, it’s…

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