‘A Diamond, Steel & Knowing One’s Self ‘  (Benjamin Franklin)

I just chuckled as I considered my recent photographic efforts. I review the most gloriously beautiful images of travelers here on WP. Exotic, historical, once in a life time moments they enjoy and share. The vibrance, textures, humanity of it all is so powerful. I admire those travelers and their photographic eye, their vision. Thank goodness it is shared.

Because of late, for assorted reasons, I am photographing only the immediate things out my back door or while running a quick errand to the hardware store…maybe I see something. No profoundly beautiful locations. That will change at some point, but for now bare with me (tsk, tsk) as I snap the immediate stuff and  try to finesse those images into something meaningful, hopeful, affirming or humorous.

steel-angles-black & white-photography-angles-SwittersB