The temps have been moderate, seemingly pleasant near Portland this early Fall. The leaves are still holding on with few exceptions…barely turning color. But, there is a change in the garden. A slowly ticking clock shows changes every morning. A heavy rain brings even more evident change. I go away for a few days and upon returning the changes are more pronounced.

I think this is where I’m suppose to wax on about the beauty of mother nature, God’s divine blessings bestowed upon the gardener, my sense of satisfaction for a well earned outcome of gardening. But, I have to say I don’t feel that. I am, most probably temporarily, saddened by the demise of the garden and the beauty that bloomed hard this past Spring/Summer.




But, there in the garden, a small blessing was found. A rose that had not done well with the heat. Now, clamoring for my attention…’Look at me you old moper….smile!’ Yes, I will make my transition to Fall. I had already started embracing Fall, while fishing at the coast. Coming home to the changes in the garden slowed me down for a bit. Such are the constant changes in life.

small rose-garden-SwittersB-Fall