It was a blessed Christmas, quite Merry and in perfect balance this year. In years past, there was a harried sense, a regret over priorities askew, too much focus and finding/buying and less on the spiritual, familial and giving thanks. This year the pace was busy, there was my usual pre-holiday cold, the last minute this and that…but, this year everyone (12 of us) was in a good place. There was the right balance of presents, visiting, great foods and lots of hugs and ‘I love you’s. We all paid silent homage to those that have passed and were instrumental in establishing this celebration in our young minds.

Of course, this morning everyone is zonked out and there are many dishes, glasses, cups to clean up. But, the warm glow of thankfulness rules. Right now, I have a five year old grandson, who spent the night next to me, itching to go kick a new soccer ball somewhere and not hear ‘hey, not in the house!!’

moring after-Christmas-wrapping paper-SwittersB