“You don’t need to know the names of the techniques, but you should know how to control your line to make the fly do what you want where you want it.” MidCurrent

I have grown quite weary of the vast majority of how-to machinations of fly fishing or fishing in general. Details to the gnat’s ass are tedious and generated by anal types that fine tune a bowel movement to the gnat’s ass….so to speak. Learn basics and go forth and learn, intuitively, on your own. Don’t be driven by the ‘net or ego-centric peers to learn it all in one year….then what? There is nothing manly or macho about fly fishing, Resist the whole game…it is BS. Connect to nature for yourself and forget the mental racket of machismo in fly fishing…..I mean really?

Basics, intuition, learning on your own, exploration, screw the ego!, screw the macho…it’s fishing for Godsakes!

Basic pattern of old (last 15 years or so)….The Prince Nymph

Prince Nymph-fly pattern-SwittersB-photo-fly fishing

Deflate the ego from fly fishing…..seriously see past destinations, strutting, gear, beards, beer, music, status, network and find a core, basic value for your own outdoor experience. Yes, there is heritage, history, icons to a degree…but really do not idolize anyone in this arena. A charade, a pretense, a facade it’s nothing more than ego, money, status yadda yadda. Harsh? No, you in the know, understand the need to bring it down to earth and just be…………

Rainbow Trout-Oregon-fly fishing-photo-SwittersB-fishing
Oregon trout caught/released.