A few of you may have followed our exploits over the last several years over at Hoarding Woes & You. There, I chronicled our cleanup of my Mom’s and Aunt’s massive hoards. Not long ago, we discovered a long concealed (forgotten) stash of canning jars beneath our (my Aunt’s) home that appear to have been deposited there in the 1960’s along with stashes of water, canned foods, fuel etc. With the assistance of  a stalwart friend (Magpie Ethel) we removed hundreds of the canning jars of a dozen shapes and sizes. We don’t ‘can’. Now we have this large collection to sort, assess value and hopefully sell. Remember if you stash your survival supplies beneath your house in a dark crawl space tell someone you trust. Otherwise someone else will have the surprise 60+ years later of discovering the cache.

crawl space-canning jars-vintage-hoarding-photo-SwittersB-2

magpie ethel-Laurie-canning jars-hoarding-SwittersB