This past week, while in Seattle, we took one of those two hour tours, which turned out safer than for the Gilligan Island crew. We traveled from Union Bay over to Lake Washington and back on a sunny, breezy day, taking in the sites. Part of that boat excursion was to travel along the Montlake Cut. I am posting a few photos of the outing and showing some old, historical photos via the very informative DorpatSherrardLomont historical site.

 Montlake Cut-SwittersB-Seattle-boats ~
Montlake Cut-Seattle-boats-SwittersB
Montlake Cut-bridge-SwittersB-Seattle-boats
Montlake Cut-railline-Sherrlock Files WP
montlake cut-sherrlock files WP

The two bottom, historical images are courtesy of Dorpat~Sherrard~Lomont WP blog. A lovely resources for Seattle history, and in particular the Montlake Cut