Since 2008, I have posted about 7,000 times. I have presented many thousands of my photos for other’s enjoyment. I now see that many of my photos have been used by phishing/spam sites with catchy outdoor site names like Year of Clea Water and many more…all sites when clicked on take you into a rabbit hole of problems.

Others have remarked about noticing a sudden, inordinate amount of visits from Hong Kong. I have had almost 60,000 such visits. No doubt in my mind of the link to the Hong Kong visits and the abuse of my images. Of course, I don’t have any images copyrighted….so I understand the realities. Imitation is the best form of flattery…this is more nefarious that imitation. I have known of many of my photos ‘borrowed’ by businesses/sites with my ‘SwittersB’ lopped off. I let it go. I know of people selling my images. I see them on Alamy and other stock photo sites. Those are varying degrees of selfishness but the phishing/spam efforts are abusive to others an my photos attached to those sites if disheartening.