The Canadian/Bristish Mining companies partnered in the enterprise stand to make billions on extracting critical reserves of ore while doing so adjacent to critical reserves of fish and their habitat. All the BS Exxon Valdez scare tactics aside, the track record for the involved companies, after all the polished permit studies and fluff are removed, is not good. Is the ore of world wide importance, and is there really a likelihood (not maybe or threatened) there will be harm to the environment? 100’s of Billions of $$$ of Gold/Copper etc. v. fish, habitat, jobs and identity. Risks, always risks. We are so risk avoidant. But, maybe here we should be?

This is the true nature of the environmental stewardship. Not snail darters, climate change (come on, not really), not veganism. This, the balance of industry v. nature. Stewardship v. cancer. Fake studies, fake concern by government, economic possibilites for the poor, broken promises, altered habitat and stories of ‘I remember when’. Those stories of ‘I remember when’ are because of a lack of stewardship.

Pebble Mine Proximity and Size
Pebble Mine Proximity and Size


 Study this issue. My gut tells me to drill and drill a lot re oil. But, my gut also tells me, having seen the big operation in BC on the way into Calling Lake and Island Lake, that there is more to learn here.

Controversy: The controversy over the Pebble Mine centers largely on its potential impact on fish and fisheries. In general, mining opponents claim that the mine poses a significant and unacceptable risk to downstream fish stocks, while mining proponents claim that the mine can be developed without significantly harming the fish.Reserves and resources: Latest estimates (2/2008 indicate that Pebble West contains (at a copper-equivalent cut-off of 0.30%): Measured and Indicated resources of; 18.8 billion pounds of copper, 31.3 million ounces of gold, and 265 million pounds of molybdenum, contained within 3026 million tons of ore and Inferred resources of 5.9 billion pounds of copper, 9.1 million ounces of gold, and 993 million pounds of molybdenum, contained within 1130 million tons of ore. There are 100’s of billions of dollars involved here when you look at mining yield and the economic impact as well as the fisheries, tourism, commercial operations and the indentity of the state….

Pebble East is estimated to contain (at a copper-equivalent cut-off of 0.6%): Inferred resources of 49 billion pounds of copper, 45 million ounces of gold, and 2.8 billion pounds of molybdenum, contained within 3860 million tonnes of ore.

By dollar value, slightly more than half of the value of Pebble is from copper, with the remainder split roughly equally between gold and molybdenum.

Pebble is now estimated to be the second-largest ore deposit of its type in the world, slightly smaller than Indonesia’s Grasberg Mine. (General Information about the issue). (Pro Pebble Mine) (Cons Pebble Mine) (Cons Pebble Mine) (Cons Pebble Mine)  (Interactive Map of Area)

I have a very hard time trusting environmentist activists, because they hate business and capitalism. I have a hard time trusting big business for the same reason I do not trust big government, they are too insulated and in a hurry to seriously care about the environment beyond required permit studies. Exceptions? Yes. I fear both sides exaggerate, lie and over state and we never understand the truth. A balance seems impossible with such rhetoric. Of course, it would be in Anglo American’s best interest to spend the millions to safeguard the resources at all costs and maybe restore their global reputation.