Nagy's Candy Caddis
Nagy Candy Caddis
Nagy’s Candy Caddis

Hook: Dai Riki 135, sizes 8-12

Bead: Gold bead to match hook size

Thread: Danville, fluorescent green, 6/0

Body: Flat silver tinsel underbody, Spirit River chartreuse Jelly Rope plastic cord

Collar: Purple or blue Estaz chenille, trimmed to shape

For a neat body, after tying in tinsel, secure piece of Jelly Rope along the hook shank then wrap Jelly Rope back toward the hook eye over the previous wraps. Stretch the Jelly Rope as you wind it, controling the diameter of the rope and tapering the body at the hook bend.

Purple and blue are under-used colors on Lake Erie. They are visible to steelhead in low light conditions due to their shorter wavelength (longer wavelength colors like red and orange become less visible due to absorption in the water). Jelly Rope has incredible light reflection properties resulting in rich, iridescent colors that seem to glow, especially when tied over a reflective underbody. The chartreuse Jelly Rope body helps the fly stick out in stained flows. (Pittsburg paper)