Mr. Bean~River Nose
Mr. Bean~River Nose

Search Continues For Cause Of Columbia’s ‘Rivernose‘                           Hood River, OR   August 27, 2008 1:03 a.m.  Federal and state scientists are researching the windsurfers’ ailment known as Rivernose. As Christy George reports, what started as a rural legend on an internet site has become a high-tech mystery.

‘For years anyone, who has spent much time around windsurfers or kite boarders on the Columbia River, has heard people complain of “river nose” (a runny nose that doesn’t seem to stop), cuts that get infected or take a long time to heal, sore throats, and diarrhea. While most people who use the Columbia do not experience these or other ailments on a regular basis, we are concerned that over the last several months Columbia Riverkeeper has received an increased number of reports about these and other symptoms.’


‘HOOD RIVER, Ore. — They call it “river nose,” an occasional affliction that has been a mystery for at least 20 years. Some avid wind surfers and kite boarders have complained of symptoms that can include stuffy noses, sinus infections, sneezing attacks, cuts that don’t heal, nausea and fatigue. This year, the number of reports of symptoms are higher than ever.’