‘thanks to all those who go on guided trips and hand their rod to their guide, tell them to fish, and then go take an extended bathroom break….’
Varieties of Beauty
Varieties of Beauty

Sometimes…. by K8

….I get to fish.
Most of the time I live vicariously through others fishing.
..Sometimes I try to sleep behind my polarized glasses….
Most of the time I am wide awake searching for fish or how to explain a better technique.
…Sometimes I am apathetic…..
Most of the time I work on being a professional encourager….I learned from the best 😉
….Sometimes I count how many times the fish jump out LOUD, kind of like the Count from Sesame Street…..(the record standing is eight)
Most of the time I giggle or laugh out loud….I can’t help it, I believe nothing pleases me more in fishing than a great jump.
….Sometimes I complain about how tired I am….
Most of the time I give thanks for having the best office in the world.
…Sometimes I stay awake in the plane….
Most of the time I sleep.
….Sometimes I go fishing all day and come home dry…
Most of the time my waders leak….this is a curse I have, may the dry wader gods have mercy on me one day…
…Sometimes I talk about my dreams to people…
Most of the time I just think about my dreams on the river….

(The Best Female Flyfishing Blogger and Angels)