pipe_smoking_captainTim’s business card reads, ‘Where Friends Meet’ and without a doubt Tim’s warmth and readiness to visit are welcoming. The Shop is located on the SE corner of NE Halsey St. and NE 238th in the small community of Wood Village. That is a scant 1/4 mile South, off I-84. (Look for the Cigar Store Indian…er…Native American for the PC Downtrodden)

I go there for the pipe tabaccos and the fine collection of cigars. Also on Tim’s card is his email address for mail orders: bluzpicker@gmail.com. That also means there are several guitars leaning againt the furniture at the ready for a little pickin’. Tim loves to fly fish and lived in Hawaii for a good amount of time. Support his business.

If you are in the vicinity give Tim’s shop a visit or call (1-503-665-2723) or email. Again, a welcoming shop.  Oh, that’s not Tim…but he’s close!