Shown this stillwater pattern before by Jim Cope of Central Oregon. In one form or another this pattern has accounted for boo koo fish (rainbow trout, bull trout, kokanee, Atlantic salmon and browns) on lakes far and wide. It has been the most productive Callibaetis pattern I have fished (I have also done well with The Orb and The Little Gray, which I have previously shown here too). My only complaint is the deer hair tail and wing are not durable after repeated fish. That is why I have experimented with a Zelon wing for durability. However, you should try the original to see the juju in play.

Simple as can be to tie: tie in small clump of deer hair for tail; dub a sparse body of Hare’s Mask or even sparser of tan Superfine dubbing. Finish with a sparse, short deer hair wing. That is it. No ribbing or bead. Fish it pre-hatch or in the film during the hatch. Remember it is fragile after repeated removals from the fish. Damn.

Nope, I will never be a production tier. Too random and ADD. It all works. The consistent look escapes me of late. Not concerned…Bottom fly’s wing is too sparse for durability sake..It will still work, but not as long.