I have never fished for grayling. But, it is evident that they are a primary option for many fly fishers. I am going to explore a bit re grayling and learn in the process. I imagine there are similarities to trout fly fishing flies and techniques with some adaptations due to available insects, mouth size etc.

“However, in spite of the differences, one must bear in mind that the natural insect food is the same for grayling as it is for trout. In other words, ‘special’ grayling flies are not necessary. For rising fish I find that they will rise readily to the flies that I would use in similar circumstances for trout, although perhaps there is a bias toward smaller size.”

Maybe someday I will fish over these beautiful fish. Mountain Whitefish seem close, if not as pretty. Several outings have been saved by Whitefish on the Deschutes, Metolium, Crooked Rivers. I spose Grayling fill the same bill for some Trout fishers.