I have previously made an investment in the gear and some river time to learn Spey Casting. I have not made a full commitment as some do. So, although I have been out on the river and been fortunate to fish while receiving excellent instruction, I have not ingrained the muscle memory from repetitively performing the movements. So, each outing it is awkward for quite awhile until I seem to settle into an ok routine. 100 casts and maybe 10 feel right. Not very good really. I had purchased the Ed Ward dvd sometime back after Buster first touted the quality. Only recently have I been able to watch it front to back and come away with an impression.

It is a tutorial that will require you to get out on a large grassy field and/or the river to practice. It is real instruction not fluff.  The dvd is filmed mostly on a large, grassy plain with cottonwood trees doing their thing. Ed really requires you to think, to visualize, and to go forth and practice, and to come back. Frankly, a laptop in the rig, a park nearby and practicing would be good. There is much to understand as he painstakingly explains plains and angles and hand placements. It is a perfect beginner’s tutorial. It will have to be watched over and over. You can break down the different casts and work through the ‘how was that again’ confusion. Also, Ward’s instruction on how to tie and how to build loops is real and down to earth. Watch this over and over to get all the verbal ques Ward teaches.(Skagit Master DVD)

Some older Spey Info from 2001 that is interesting to read.      And, here re Kings and Ed’s setup.