I recently highlighted preparing a furled extended body (via Fly Fisher Republic ). The same process of twisting a strand or strands of wool or fibers of Antron/Zelon will result in a tightly twisted rope of yarn that is then wrapped up the shank to form a segmented body. This is a similar process used in tying a chironomid pattern that was popular 10-15 years ago..the Serendipity. The body of that fly was a twisted yarn body (can’t recall if wool or Antron/Zelon). It was finished off with a deer or elk hair wing cut short.

So, I took that same twisted yarn body made from Zelon and wrapped it up the shank to form a nice segmented body. I then dubbed a thorax from Hare’s Mask with guard hairs. The ubiquitous bead nicely finishes the pupa pattern. I have not used the twisted body in years having resorted to assorted body materials and ribbing to impart segmentation and flash. This looks pretty good. The catch here is to twist the yarn but not so hard that it kinks prior to wrapping.