I saw this wing technique (burning end of synthetic wing) some time ago, but cannot find the site now. With this pattern, there are few working parts: 2 pieces of Antron, 8/0 brown thread, one cream hackle and the size 10 hook.

First, a thread base was wrapped back and forth on the thread shank. A piece of Antron, that is the length of the hook shank, was tied in at the bend, allowing for a portion to extend out past the bend, to the rear as a tail. The Antron is pulled up over the top of the shank and held with right hand. The left hand is used (off hand for most) to tightly wrap the thread up the length of the body, which creates a segmented ribbing. This portion of the fly can end at the thorax area because it will be covered up.

Next I gathered a portion of Antron much thicker (four strands) than the section used for the body (one section of yarn). I tied the material in at the thorax point, about 2/3’s of the way up the shank from the rear bend. I left a bushy front end protruding out over the eye of the hook. Then I trimmed the rear part of the wind so that it just extended past the tail. I took a lighter and singed the tips of the Antron and crimped with  pliers. Lastly, I tied in a cream hackle and wrapped it 3-4 turns and tied of right behind the wing. Another colored hackle would be fine. I used cream, but grizzly or dun would be fine.

You can see the Antron or Zelon color and hackle could be mixed to create varied appearances. Of course, the size could be bigger or smaller, while using a light wire hook to help maintain floatation.