Trout Patterns: Rivers/Streams. How pretentious is that! So many options, so many variables, so many species of fish, stillwater or river? No, I can’t be that definitive, even for the novice, who needs clarity, certainty and recommendations to cut through the hype, confusion and never ending selections.  How about some of my favorites that work for me and that have always been kept near? Not all I use, but consistently tied and fished. Yes, there’s only 9 patterns shown. You can pick the other one.

Bead Head Caddis Pupa
Foam Wing Midge Emerger (SB)
Any Sparse Wet Fly Pattern
Any Sparse Wet Fly (SB)

The Obligatory Adams (SB)

The Humpster (SB)
Harriet Pupa Pattern (SB)
Elk Hair Caddis (SB)

The PTN of course (SB)

Oh, this could go on and on, because I suffer from Semper Paratus genes. So, the ‘what if’ factor is a constant intrusion. Yes, I can walk down to the river’s edge knowing the PMD’s and Caddis will be about it, and carry but one fly box. However, believe me when I say, that as I stand butt deep in an Oregon stream, I possess, in close proximity, patterns to fish B.C. So, I will stop this silliness. The above patterns have done well for me over the years. The Stimulators, Midge Pupa,  Big May’s, BWO’s, PMD’s, all manner of emergers and droppers and streamers all spill forth in my mind and probably yours. More advanced FFer’s are muttering “Well, you forgot about….” and “What about the …..” Yep…such is the dilemma for the beginner. Sorting through all the ‘Well’s” and “What about’s”.

There is a whole other list for lakes that have been consistent, for me, over the years. Maybe I will share that someday. The list thing seems to be a prerequisite for ‘how to’ blogs.