“Of all the diverse feathers used in fly tying, marabou feathers have to be one of the most distinctive and valuable. The great thing about Marabou is that beginner fly tyer’s can still create realistic replications, which is great reason why beginning fly tyer’s should use it frequently.” Fly Tying Club

For Beginning Fly Tiers: Truly, marabou is one of the most suggestive, life giving materials you can use in fly design. Out of the water, wet, it collapses and looks unimpressive. Back in the water, it comes to life and pulses with life. Be careful where you place it. In tail designs, it can get wrapped around the hook bend and lose effectiveness. Wrapped around the thorax area as a wing, the feather shines. The pic below is of a tail I tied in and, in general, it is too long and prone to get tangled. I show it to show the beauty of the material….a very beautiful feather.

Marabou Shines (Yes, chessy) SwittersB