'Bozo' Caddis Pupa (SwittersB)

Bozo Caddis Pupa by SwittersB: a size 10 hook (straight eye), abdomen is 4 strands of synthetic yarn; a rib is counter wrapped (opposite of the direction the body material was wrapped so ribbing does not sink down into body material); the thorax is deer hair captured in a dubbing loop and wrapped right behind the ‘bozo the clown’ red, metal bead. In truth, I am sitting at the vise, tying up October Caddis Pupa patterns and just experimenting as I go. Each pattern is different and creative. I am trying to adhere to body size and color, but beyond that, I play. Part of the beauty of tying and not being bound. The proof is in any patterns success or consistent failure. Your project, your experiment. Mine too.