Casual Dress Patterns by Anthony Naples

Not sure how I missed this piece of work by Anthony Naples. But, more important than the nice pattern options are a few sentences that summarize so well the fly tying experience:

“Well, as many of you can probably attest, fly tyers have trouble sticking to the recipe.  We feel the urge to add a little bit of this, a little dash of that – it’s part of the fun….The possible variations are endless.  Are they necessary?  Probably not.  The original will catch lots of fish for you.  But flytying is a  lot like the blues, and rock-and-roll.  It’s the same three chords, endlessly tinkered with.  And every once in a while a classic is born.  So get the fingers loosened, practice some scales, learn a couple of chords and create your own classic.”  Very nicely phrased!!!!