There is an elegance to the Classic Wet Fly that speaks of old traditions and dependability. They appear a bit flamboyant, yet obviously, by their longevity worthy. For many in Ireland and near, I read, that the flies are fished in a brace/team of three flies. I have never warmed to tossing or pulling more than 2 flies. Perhaps the fear of tangles and the subsequent re-rigging. Does such a practice remain from tradition and/or successes? Probably a very nice way of increasing one’s odds of identifying the best producer in short order. Retrieving multiple patterns through the surface of a lake/loch/lough would be productive. Throwing a nice open loop would also help keep the flies in line. Notice the traditional, classic wet had a wing, where often today, the flymph/no wing wet is popular. The classics seem quite functional to me. Experiment.


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