Many dry fly patterns have a ‘wing’ comprised of upright feather or synthetic fibers. Poly yarns, mallard, hackle tips etc. In this instance, I tied what I have most often tied, a very simple pattern with no upright wing. Is this good? Yes it is. But, as a beginning fly tier, you should try to perfect certain skills (such as an upright wing?). So, as much as I offer up this perfect fly that catches fish!, try to at least try the upright wing, but note…..this fly if a simply wound hackle (with no upright wing) catches trout (river/stillwater). Medium Blue Dun hackle fibers for the tail; sparsely dubbed medium olive Super Fine dubbing; one medium blue dun (dry fly quality) wound tight and tied off. The bottom hackle fibers of the wound hackle can be cut on the bottom to create a fly that rides lower in the film or water surface. I rarely think to trim the bottom hackle fibers. I offer it as an option.