Came upon a good pattern tutorial for beginner/intermediate tiers: the Comparadun dry fly, in the Salt Lake Tribune. The tier, Curtis Fry, gives an excellent written S-B-S.

It is important in tying this pattern to choose a light wire hook, as Fry say, minimal dubbing (‘dirty the thread’) and not too much deer hair. As in many pattern: ‘less is better’. I mention this because, as you may know by now I share my mistakes. I tied up quite a few of these several years ago: wrong hook, way too much dubbing, too much Coastal Deer hair. The flies didn’t even humor me by riding low in the film…they sunk.

I especially like Fry’s take on why he ties flies, something that many of us would agree with: “for pure necessity and as a creative outlet. I don’t fool myself into thinking it is a cheaper alternative to buying flies. It’s an addiction I am forced to abide.”