No, not much to do with fly fishing…well, I suppose the thumb factors in here and there. I was seated in a doctor’s office today for a followup visit, post op. Muscles repairing and nerves tweaking have made for some difficult times of late. ‘Difficult’? 

In the doctor’s lobby, I came upon the November 2011 issue of Men’s Health and perused the insides. Lead story, with a promo from the Editor, our wounded warriors are suffering ever increasing losses of their genitals because of the greater use of IED’s in the Afghan theater. More profound is the VA has a traumatic injury protection program, an insurance policy, that attaches a value to lost body parts: thumb $50K each, foot $50K, hand $50K each, eyes $50K each eye, lips $75K for two lips……the list goes on and on, but according to the author, Bob Drury, there is currently no compensation for the loss of a penis, or testicles. Of course, compounding all this is the probable loss of lower limbs. The Afghan War has become notorious for multiple limb loss per wounded combatant. I am not certain if all combat soldiers automatically qualify for the insurance policy. I hope they do, as seemingly inadequate as it seems.

British Developed Tier II Body Armor Codpiece

Some soldiers have had the forethought to store their sperm prior to heading over seas. Obviously, there is horrendous mental adjustments for the wounded warrior on so many levels. I will simply offer that the VA must develop some form of compensation for the loss of a genital component (regardless of sex). Further research will evolve with genital reconstruction and hormone replacement therapy because of these ever increasing injuries from IED’s.

Yes, I have some pain, but I will get better in time. I am lucky. I am trying to figure out if I will be able to fish this Winter. Others with all manner of traumas are mustering the will to live and somehow adapt.   Attached is a very graphic/violent video…you don’t have to watch it to grasp the reality.