Fly Tying Little Yellow Mayflies. Size 14 dry fly hook; medium blue dun hackle fibers for the tail, tied in (size 8/0 tan thread) the length of the hook shank; yellow goose biot tied in to form ridged abdomen; sparse, dubbed thorax with greyish-0live super fine dubbing; deer hair extended wing purposely slanted out over hook also the length of the hook shank but no longer…butt ends trimmed; medium blue dun hackle wrapped twice around thread wraps that secured the deer hair wing. Thread secured forward beneath the upraised deer hair wing and hand whip finished. Never tied these before and no two were alike, so that doesn’t speak well to my consistently….but, they all look edible! Why did I tie these flies? I have no idea. They weren’t on my to do pattern list. Oh well……. Picture’s a little funky, but creative.