End Cap Bottom Stairsx

Everyday events that go unnoticed, unconsidered, yet take place day to day, year after year. Such is the matter of the above end cap at the bottom of the staircase in our home. The family has resided in this home in varying degrees for 5900+ days…the staircase has never been re-painted. Day after day, the family of four has gone up and down the stair case and pivoted or balanced on at least one of the several end caps along the staircase. This unnoticed, unimportant, unconsidered event came to mind today as I considered the worn and dinged up staircase. Paint chipped, faded paint, the type of thing you come to recognize when you stand back and see the wear and tear of 16 years. Yep, nothing to do with fly fishing or the great outdoors…just unnoticed parts of life.