crane backyd sb

A visitor in our backyard, of late, is this very wary crane (HERON>>>Thanks for the correction Two Rod!!!) We have a small spring fed rivulet running through the back yard…a wildland area of sorts. The crane (Heron) sits perched over the water looking for the very few small fish that barely survive in this water. I have only seen three very little fish in this water over the years. 

This morning, I peered out the kitchen window and saw the crane (Heron). Often we have coyotes moving through the yard, so I am vigilant for them. But, the crane (Heron) just started visiting. Try as I might, this bird was very aware of my attempt to sneak out the back door and capture a shot. I got one chance and this was the result before the gangly bird took flight. A bit blurry but fun to try!