SwittersB & Fly Fishing has received two nominations this week for Versatility and Inspiration! I am extending my sincere thank you’s to Bette A. Stevens and Francena~Southern Goddess Paranormal for the nominations and appreciation of the efforts here at SwittersB & Fly Fishing.

vib-trophy-blog-mThe notoriety of SwittersB has reached such proportions that when I walk into public places I am immediately besieged for blogging tips and autographs (just joking). Like the other night we walked into a local watering hole and I immediately noticed this tall drink of water…I mean the barmaid…there, on her backside, was an obvious tribute to me! I think.

I Know Gary Caitlan SCSI owe all this acclaim to the wonderful, equally inspiring and versatile bloggers that visit SwittersB. I sincerely derive so much inspiration, everyday, from all of you that express your creativity. Thank you!


So, part of the award process is to tell several things about one’s self and to pass on the appreciation by mentioning/nominating other bloggers that I find interesting. I would like to combine these two awards into one response, so allow me to do that…..

First, a few things about me: My favorite time of year is Spring and I love mornings when the sun is just gracing the tops of the trees and the birds are chirping away ~ I don’t particularly like to sleep. I know it is necessary, but the older I get the more it seems so wasteful ~ I am allergic to Penny the Cat, who insists on sitting on my chest and rubbing her head under my chin ~ I love the freedom of a road trip…that sense of awareness that you are free of the daily restraints and your mind senses freedom to roam ~ I don’t like high ladders or being on roof tops…getting up there is easy enough, but coming down gets problematic ~ I haven’t ridden a bicycle in years, but I have a nice one in a shed, helmet and all ~ my church, my chapel, my spiritual connection is the outdoors where I find the one on one connections that clarify and inspire.


Now for some inspiring and versatile bloggers. I would ask them to pick the award that best suits them and complete the process if time allows……….

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There are so many more blogs that could be listed. There are many that receive numerous awards and are truly inspiring…you know who you are…and they inspire, motivate, extend kindness that helps sustain and renew me on a daily basis. To all thank you and pass on the love and appreciation.