SBPart of the enjoyment of fly fishing, for me, is discovering what I have yet to learn. It is not frustrating, but rather adds energy to the hobby. It never gets old. Recently, I was fishing a lake and discovered something I had not observed before in the Fall. Micro Caddis, probably size 20-22 (related to hook size for a fly pattern) were flitting about and the trout were busy on the surface. 

Somehow, I had assumed, with the exception of October Caddis (much larger fly), there were no other Caddis species out there this time of year. I am not sure what I based that upon…other than never having noticed them before and not studying up on the hatch cycles. I new discovery. I a new strategy for the future to be better prepared. This is something to also study up on.

There are many nice, basic sites out there that do a nice job explaining entomology. A good one for stillwater fly fishing is Mike Gorman’s Site (used with permission). Trout Caught/Released