yelupliftmapMost of you have no doubt heard about the Yellowstone Caldera, as well as the New San Madrid Fault Line, and of course the San Andreas Fault. Each is reputed to potentially cause cataclysmic destruction if the big one happens. In particular, with the Yellowstone Caldera, the destruction would reach out 500 to 1000 miles, thereby altering a large portion of the country.

600 Mile Radius from Yellowstone Caldera

 The story about the Yellowstone Caldera is indicative of so much about science today…looming doom and mixed messages and credibility. Stories abound of a looming crisis, even a secret crisis in which the government is keeping a lid on the true science and probable destruction about to happen. Supposed scientific experts like show boat Michio Kaku have made pronouncements that exceed their fields of expertise. 

Here is an interesting Seismic Monitoring Site for the Yellowstone area that shows activity. It is a start at reviewing some of the activity in the area. Particularly interesting if you live in that region. IS THIS THING ON

14Madison River, mid February 2014


There appears to be little doubt that if the Yellowstone Caldera did blow there would be massive destruction to a vast portion of the Western/Central United States.