“If you say you can or you can’t you are right either way”  Henry Ford

“Trust me. If you do not decide where you are heading, and refuse to take action, you will end up being shaped into what others would have you become. Then any change will not be made for your benefit but for theirs.”  Chris Murray

Yes, so often the sing song, positive attitude mantras of sunshine guru’s is cloying and like too much sugar. However, the seemingly down to earth wisdom, perched on the bed rock of melancholia and cynicism can, if we’re not careful develop from a few wisps to a storm front that clouds our spirit, our growth, our ability to be happy in the moment. It can become a habit to run about doubting, faulting, caught up in our fragile mind and body. Momento Mori should lead one toward making the most of the day. Right? 

sky-dark clouds-photography-landscape-SwittersB-dusk