If you have followed SwittersB for a bit, you know I love to stroll through Oregon’s Pioneer cemeteries. There are several in the Portland area that often give a view of the founders of Portland. The other day, I was walking around a cemetery in SE Portland. There I found a grave marker for Jacob and Martha Jane Lee Johnson. The marker described them as Oregon Pioneers and as the namesakes for Johnson Creek that flows across the southern part of the city from Gresham into the Willamette River. It was a fascinating discovery in an unassuming cemetery, in an unremarkable section. If one cares about local history, such cemeteries are interesting. It also makes you consider life, death, remembrance, purpose and your place in life.

johnson creek-cemetery-grave-marker-johnsons-holgate-SwittersB

Multnomah Park Cemetery-sign-Holgate-SwittersB

Sometimes the history, the person is less clear