“.. There is a gargantuan dose of truth with a capital “T” in fly fishing. Probably because the truth-tellers are affable, congenial, smiling salesmen.
.. We all want the truth. We want it as we want life itself – handed to us on a silver platter. Then we can use it.” Yesterdays Gone (FF Yellowstone Park)

Some very good points for the novice FFer and/or the traveling fisher. How does one prepare for such a trip? I have about ten books on Montana. I have never been yet. May never make it. But, one thing I do know is the info in the books (maps, roads, remarks, campgrounds) may have changed by the time I make it. I learned this years ago when I took up backpacking. I, again, bought numerous books. And, more often than not, the info was dated, inaccurate or quite incomplete. Now, why did I so need that info in advance of the trip?

For me, to avoid wasting precious time. I wanted to maximize the time I had allowed and not waste it on dead ends. This is not an altogether unwarranted opinion, if one has limited time off and considers the trip not just another feather in the cap of trips, but rather a unique one. Time not to be squandered, so for some guarantees are sought rather than probabilities..

But, in all of this fly fishing endeavor there has to be an element of risk, failure, lost opportunities and yes, wasted time. If you need guarantees, the ‘silver platter’, then go to a trout farm.